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Required Documentation:

A complete application form.

A $60.00 US application processing fee.

A personal statement detailing your reasons for pursuing a career in medicine.

Two (2) letters of recommendation, preferably from college professors of physicians.

Official transcripts from high school and each college, university or professional school attended.

Copy of passport.

Four (4) color photos (passport size).

Medical College Admissions Test:
Candidates for admission are not required to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Applicants who have taken this exam may choose to send their MCAT scores for evaluation to the Admissions Committee. This option is left at the student's discretion. However, we encourage students to take this examination.

Letters of Recommendation:
Applicants enrolled in colleges with a pre-medical advisory system should request that the Chair of the Pre-medical Advisory Committee, pre-medical advisor, coordinator, or person in charge of advising send a letter of evaluation to The Central America Health Sciences University's Admissions Office.

Advanced Standing:
Students enrolled in approved medical programs may apply for advanced standing admissions. The applicant must have all transcripts sent directly from the current program to the Admissions Office. Transfer credit is accepted only from students attending schools listed by the World Health Organization and who are in good academic standing. Admission is on a competitive basis. No specific number of spaces are set aside for advanced standing candidates.

The University does not grant any advanced standing credit for course work completed in related fields of Allied Health or from Chiropractic Studies. Applicants from fields such as dentistry or those who have completed the basic science courses as a graduate student, are considered for admission only to the first-year medical class, regardless of the degree held.

Acceptance of Applicants:
The Admissions Office will contact the applicant approximately two weeks after receiving the application package. At this time, the applicant will also be informed of any supporting documents missing from the applicant's file. A personal interview may be requested at the discretion of the Dean or Admissions Committee.

Within four weeks of receiving the complete application file, the applicant will be mailed a decision notification. All applicants who have been accepted into the program will receive a letter of acceptance and an acknowledgement of admission. Students must submit a signed acknowledgement of admission within two weeks of acceptance. A $2,000 US one time matriculation fee must also be submitted along with the acknowledgement of admission. Tuition fees are due prior to the beginning of classes.

A limited number of scholarships and financial aid are given to those eligible.

For further information about admission into American College of Medicine and Robotic Neurosurgery, contact the admissions office toll-free at
1 (202) 241 - 8077 or at 

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