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Welcome from the Dean






"Welcome Letter from the Dean"

The ACMNR Clinical Programme


To ACMNR students, Greetings!

You will have already experienced from your time spent studying the basic medical sciences in the USA the amazing educational value of study combined with travel.  So when you come to begin clinical training, your scientific knowledge will have vastly increased but also your knowledge of other cultures will have further enriched your life experience which will remain with you forever.  This make American College of Neuropsycoanalysis And Amemerican College of Medicine and Robotic Neurosurgery. unique and you are strongly encouraged to continue to take advantage of combining your clinical training with travel.  This is why ACMRN is truly an International School of Medicine.

You therefore have a golden opportunity to do your clinical training in both the Israe,l South America, UK and the USA, a course both strongly recommended and rightly endorsed by the School.  Medical schools’ curricula are increasingly focusing on culture and ethnicity to produce doctors adequately trained for the global world in which we now live. ACMRN has been in the vanguard of this method of education for some years.

The Clinical Faculty in the UK are very proud of their long and close connections with ACMRN and its students; a tradition they all wish to maintain.  The National Health Service Hospitals where you will be taught are all very busy hospitals with an unsurpassed wealth of clinical material both in variety and number.  Emphasis is on Out-patient clinic teaching, ward rounds with students giving regular presentations, with close attention to the art of taking a clinical history and learning patient centred communication skills.  Great emphasis is placed on teaching physical examination thereby building on the clinical skills learnt in the Caribbean.  Teaching is often on a one to one basis.  When attached to surgical firms you will attend the operating theatre, assist and be taught basic suturing techniques.  You will also attend departmental and Neuroradiological meetings.  It really is a great experience where you will feel very much part of the medical team, “The Firm”.

Each hospital has a Student Co-ordinator who is there to help you with accommodation, timetabling, and any social queries or concerns, and there is also a Director of Medical Education who is overall responsible for the teaching at the Hospital.  He is assisted by Clerkship Directors for all the Core Attachments, who will guide you through your timetables and also aid you at the mid-core and final assessment.  All hospitals now have student access to the Internet.

The USA is also a great country to visit with its great history, traditions, art, architecture, music, theatre, countries side, and some wonderful pubs, so it’s a great country for extra-curricula activities including sport.  Many hospitals have access to sporting centres and gymnasiums. for I and my colleagues know you will never regret it.

Dr. Zigmund Ziegler Roberto Cohen

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